"lesser" asian peoples that are important and ignored by most of tumblr bc of chinese japanese and korean pop culture is the only thing about asia western people know about


  • filipino
  • malaysian
  • indonesian
  • indian
  • bengali
  • laotian
  • thai
  • vietnamese
  • singaporean
  • north korean
  • iranian
  • iraqi
  • afghanistani
  • cambodian
  • burmese
  • lebanese
  • taiwanese
  • all indigenous people of all these countries
  • and so many fucking more im just forgetting a lot because there is SO MUCH MORE
  • asian people are not just attractive east asian people
  • asian people are so much more than a couple of countries’ pop cultures


that’s it. that’s the whole show

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Off Road Leather Jacket / Nude

Photography by Chloe Aftel & Matthew Wright
Styling by Jeremy Lewis